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The text on this web site has been put in many different categories, to enable the public to find the answers to their questions more quickly.  One should slowly go over the entire contents of this website, which will inform you about Rick’s views concerning many different aspects of this oil’s production. This text is available for free here on this website. If you wish to support this cause  you can make a donation by clicking the donation button at the bottom of this page.


The content of this part has been organized in the form of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Please see our dosage instruction section located below FAQ as recommended by Rick Simpson himself.

Before you are making your own oil, please read carefully everything that has been written on this web site.

We advise you to watch the process in the documentary Run From The Cure



“I think that these instructions should make producing this oil quite easy for anyone and indeed I have often stated that producing the oil is not much harder than making a cup of coffee.  But before you start, make sure that you have everything you will need to perform the extraction properly. To produce high quality oil’s for medical use, you need a pound or more of dry bud from very potent and sedative medicinal Indica varieties or Indica dominant Sativa crosses, which preferably contain no more than 10% Sativa.”  (Rick Simpson)

All one requires to perform a full 60 gram or 60 ml oil extraction, is 450 to 500 grams of high quality bud material which is completely dry, 8 to 9 liters of solvent, a length of wood about a meter long to crush and wash the bud material, two 20 liter buckets which should be quite deep to prevent the oil solvent mix from splashing out, a few small containers to catch the oil solvent mix after it has been filtered, funnels which can fit in the opening of the small containers, coffee filters which fit into the funnels, an electric rice cooker, a large fan, a stainless steel measuring cup, a coffee warmer or oven to finish the oil properly and plastic syringes without needles to draw the finished oil into, which also allows the patient to measure their doses more accurately.



In essence, all you are really doing is washing the medicinal resins off the bud material, with a solvent and the resins which have now been removed, contain the medicinal cannabinoids needed for healing. Then, after the solvent cannabinoid or oil mix has been filtered and the solvent has been boiled off properly, you are left with the resin in its most medicinal form. Perhaps I should explain again that once the solvent is removed from the medicinal resins, these resins take on the form of an oil when warm, but when cooled to room temperature, they will become a thick grease like substance. For best results, the starting material must be as dry as possible. Be sure the area you are working in, is well ventilated and there are no sparks, open flames, or red-hot elements which could cause the fumes from the solvent to ignite. If the area you are working in is well ventilated and you are careful, to avoid breathing in the fumes from the solvent, I feel that there is no need to use breathing equipment in most cases.  But if you feel the need and you have the proper equipment available, it may not be a bad idea to put it to good use.



The best would be to use pure Indica, which gives the oils they produce the sleepy sedative effects that aid in healing the patient’s body and causes the patient to relax while this is taking place. If an Indica strain has been crossed with a Sativa strain, the resulting oil can often have far too many energizing Sativa traits, if the genetics of this cross contain too much Sativa. The energizing effects such oils often exhibit, can have a detrimental effect on the patient’s treatment and that is why, it is not good to use a strain which contains more than 10% Sativa.

Many seed companies tend to supply the same strains, but if you ordered the same strain from five different seed suppliers you would probably find that you are actually growing five different varieties of cannabis. They will also all have different medical values. Sadly as yet, there is not much stability in the seed industry, so in many cases when people order seeds they have little or no idea what medical values the strain they have ordered will have.

This lack of stability, in the seeds from different strains that many seed companies are supplying, is causing a great deal of confusion for those who wish to grow the best strain possible, to treat their own medical problems. So when trying to purchase seeds from a strain that you wish to grow, I think it is best to acquire the seeds from the company or grower who originated the strain in the first place.

Many seed suppliers, also provide information concerning the medical values of the different strains they are providing, so I think that it is a good idea to go over this information carefully before placing an order. This is why I can only tell people that if they wish to produce this medication properly, they should use a sedative Indica strain which has a THC content of 20% or more and other than that, there is little more I can tell them.



If you don’t have any experience with cannabis, the best thing you can do is take someone who smokes cannabis with you, if you try to acquire the needed bud material from illegal growers. A person who has smoked cannabis in the past, should be able to tell you if the bud material they have sampled for you, has the proper qualities to fulfill your needs. When the proper bud material to produce this medication is smoked, it should have a sedative sleepy effect, which Indica strains of cannabis are well known to produce.



If you do not require the oil immediately then it is best to grow your own plants and this could save you a great deal of money, but if you require the oil now then you may have to acquire the needed material, from a legal or illegal grower in your area. As for growing instructions, you can buy a book such as this: “The Indoor Outdoor Medicinal Grower’s Bible” by Jorge Cervantes and this will tell you all you need to know about growing the cannabis hemp plant and there are also videos on the internet concerning this subject, which can be very helpful to those who are beginning to grow for themselves. Go online to find cannabis seed suppliers and then go over the information they provide about the medicinal qualities of the strains they are providing, and look for an Indica strain with 20% THC or more, which can meet your medical needs.



“I always removed the bud material from the limbs of the plant and then dried the buds that I intended to work with, by placing them on screens suspended over a dehumidifier and within about 36 hours, it was usually completely dry and ready to process into oil.  There are also many other ways that one could dry the bud material, but please keep in mind the fact that as the bud dries, the healing resins will then begin to separate from the bud material very easily.  So if the dry bud material is not handled gently, a good portion of these medicinal resins can be lost and therefore, you will not be able to produce as much oil. “



An ounce or about 30 grams of good bud will usually produce 4 to 5 grams of high-grade oil and the amount of oil produced will vary from strain to strain. You are never really sure how much oil you will be able to extract, until you have processed the bud material you are working with. On average, a pound of good bud should produce at least 60 grams of high-grade oil and sometimes you may even get substantially more from some varieties.



Many seem to believe that the finished oil must be amber in color and that it should be transparent and often the oils I produced did exhibit these traits but not always. The color and texture of the oil you are producing depends a great deal on the strain, method, and solvent that you are using to produce the oil. Don’t be concerned if the oil you produce happens to be darker in color, this does not mean that such an oil is not a potent medicine. Indeed some of the strongest oils I have ever produced were darker in color, but they still had the desired medicinal effects. Even though the oil you produce might appear to be darker than you would like, if you take a small amount of this oil and use your finger to spread it on a piece of white paper and hold it up to a light, you will find that it still has a golden transparent appearance. If the oil you have manufactured exhibits a green color instead of amber when spread on a piece of white paper, then it probably still contains a small amount of water.  By putting an oil such as this in an oven at 120 degrees C for a short time, it will evaporate this water off and then it should have the desired medicinal amber appearance. Even if the finished oil which you have produced does have the proper appearance, it is often still not a bad idea to put it in an oven at 120 degrees C, to insure that the oil has been decarboxylated properly. The oil should never be exposed to higher temperatures than 300 degrees F or about 148 degrees C, because just above that temperature the medicinal cannabinoids will begin to vaporize off the oil and this could lower the oils medicinal qualities dramatically.



There are also many other solvents which could probably be used to perform an extraction effectively such as acetone, but the only solvents that I have direct experience with are ether, naphtha and 99% isopropyl alcohol, therefore I do not feel qualified to tell the public what other solvents they can use. The process I am about to describe, involves washing the starting material twice with a good solvent such as pure light aliphatic naphtha or 99% isopropyl alcohol etc.  To effectively remove the available resin, which contains the medicinal cannabinoids from the plant material. Light naphtha has proven itself to be a very effective solvent to produce this oil and it is also quite cheap to purchase when compared to the cost of other solvents. This solvent is called light naphtha in Canada, and in Europe it is often called benzine and it is  sold as cleaning fluid or solvent in many hardware stores. In addition, naphtha is usually quite easy to locate in many countries, while other pure solvents that are well suited to preform extractions, can be very expensive and hard to find. Naphtha comes in different forms and under many different names and the temperatures at which they boil can vary a great deal, which is something that must be taken into consideration if one is to obtain the proper solvent. The naphtha which I preferred to use had a boiling point around 70 degrees C, which is about the same amount of heat required to bring 99% isopropyl alcohol to its boiling point. Any solvent that you intend to use should be colorless, the same as water and if you dip your finger into it, within about 40 seconds it should completely evaporate from your finger leaving no oily residue behind. Naphtha is sold under many names but if you go to a fuel supplier, you should not have too much trouble tracking some down, if you tell the supplier that you are looking for a solvent which has a boiling point around 70 degrees C. Light naphtha has many industrial uses, and it is often used to degrease engine parts or thin paints etc., so I’m sure you should not have too much trouble finding what you need. Just to give you an idea of its many uses, naphtha is the same substance used to fuel Coleman lamps and stoves.  Unfortunately, rust inhibitors are added to Coleman fuel, so I do not recommend that this fuel be used to produce oil. But as I understand it, some companies actually do supply camping fuel with no additives, so this should work very well as a solvent to perform an oil extraction.

There is also medical-grade naphtha (hexane) available in many countries in the world, but it is a bit more expensive and usually harder to get and I have not found any significant difference, between pure light naphtha and the medical grade version of this solvent. Butane can also produce oil, but I do not recommend its use as a solvent to produce this medication, since it is very volatile and would require the use of expensive equipment to neutralize the danger. In addition, using butane to perform an extraction does not decarboxylate the finished oil, because there is little or no heat used in this process.  So oils produced in this manner would be less effective for medicinal use, unless the extra time is taken to decarboxylate the oil properly.



Many people in the US and some other countries as well, are finding it quite hard to locate the pure solvents, which I recommend and some have turned to the use of substances such as everclear, which in its purest form is about 95% alcohol, but usually you will find that the remaining 5% is water. This makes everclear a less effective solvent due to its water content and at the end of the oil making process there will be quite a bit of water, which will have to be evaporated off before the oil is in a finished state. So if need be substances such as everclear can be used, but I much prefer to use the pure solvents that I have described. Many people have contacted me to ask if they could use such things as 151 proof alcohol as a solvent.  But in my opinion trash such as this is not even fit for human consumption and I would never even think about using such a substance to produce the oil.



Decarboxylation occurs, when you add enough heat to the oil to rotate the molecules within the oil to the delta 9 position, which brings the finished oil to its highest medicinal potency. There are many who have different opinions about the temperature required to decarboxylate the oil properly.  But Dr. Paul Hornby a man who is regarded to be an expert in this field, produced the oil following my instructions and he told me that this simple process, which I showed the public achieved perfect decarboxylation. If you have any concerns that the oil you have produced has not been decarboxylated properly, you can simply place the oil in an oven at 120 degrees C for thirty to sixty minutes, to insure that it is now decarboxylated.  One could even set the oven at 130 degrees C and still not harm the medicinal value of the oil, but I think that 120 degrees C is more than enough heat to perform the task properly. The only solvents that I have direct experience with thus far are ether, light aliphatic naphtha, and 99% isopropyl alcohol. To date ether is my personal favorite and it is a very effective solvent, but ether is expensive and can be quite hard to acquire.  Personally I think the use of ether is better suited for closed distilling devices, but actually the same could be said about naphtha and alcohol and many other solvents as well, especially if one plans to produce oil on a larger scale. Due to the fact that distilling devices allow you to reclaim the solvent and therefore, can save you a great deal of money plus reclaiming the solvent is much more environmentally friendly.  I strongly suggest that if one plans to produce large quantities of these extracts, then the use distilling equipment is a very good idea. Since ether boils at a very low temperature and can be quite expensive and hard to acquire, plus the fumes it gives off when boiling make it dangerous to work with, I have very limited experience with its use. Therefore since ether has a very low boiling point, I am not as yet sure that using this solvent will decarboxylate the finished oil properly, so when I have the opportunity I will do more research into this. Both ether and light naphtha are more selective solvents in nature, which means that alcohol is not quite as effective as a solvent, but still it does work well, to produce high quality medicinal oils. Alcohol will dissolve more chlorophyll from the starting material and due to this, oils produced with alcohol will usually be more noticeably dark in color and the presence of chlorophyll can also give the resulting oil an unpleasant taste. For a solvent to be effective, it should be 100% pure and 100% pure alcohol is expensive and can be quite hard to find. Light naphtha on the other hand, is quite cheap to acquire and is usually not too hard to locate. Next to the use of ether, pure light aliphatic naphtha is my solvent of choice.



All these solvents including alcohol are poisonous in nature, but if you follow my instructions properly, solvent residue in the finished oil should be of no concern. After the finished oil cools to room temperature, the oil or to put it more accurately the resins form a thick grease-like substance, rather than an oil and it is about as anti-poisonous, as any substance that you could possibly ever hope to find. Even if there was a slight trace of solvent residue remaining, the oil itself would act upon any remaining residue to neutralize any harmful poisonous effects. I have been ingesting this oil myself now, for 14 years and I have supplied the oil to thousands of others in the past, but I have never received a complaint from anyone, who stated that they felt as if they had been poisoned in any way.



Quite often some individuals wish to produce oil from the leaves, or lower quality strains of the cannabis plant, to treat less serious issues such as skin conditions and often these oils can have some medical benefits as well.  But if you wish to do so, be aware of the fact that these oils will be much less medicinally potent, than the oil  which can be produced from high quality bud material itself and the quantity of oil extracted per pound of starting material, will be much less.

When someone is suffering from serious conditions such as terminal cancer, I would not consider giving them a lower grade oil, unless I had no other choice. For their life is hanging in the balance and as far as I am concerned, only the highest quality oil will do in such a case. It also should be noted that since lower grade oils will usually contain a great deal less healing cannabinoids, much more of this lower grade oil would have to be ingested, to achieve the same results one would expect from much smaller quantities of high grade oils.



If you wish to produce oils with a high CBD content, this can be accomplished by simply using the same methods I describe, to produce oils which contain high levels of THC. The only difference is, you will be using strains high in CBD content, instead of strains that contain a great deal of THC. While I have always stated that I have never met a natural cannabinoid that I didn’t like and although I do believe that CBD does have its own medicinal values.  I still tend to think that oils with a high CBD content and little or no THC, are being somewhat overrated when it comes to their healing abilities. It is now common knowledge that the cannabinoid CBD, can be quite effective in the treatment of such things as epileptic seizures and some other medical disorders. Even though this cannabinoid can reduce the number and frequency of seizures that a person suffering with epilepsy experiences, patients still tend to have these seizures quite often, even when they are using these high CBD oils. The oils that I used to produce, which had THC levels of 90% or more and small percentages of CBD, still seemed to work very well to prevent seizures of this nature and most other medical problems as well. So I tend to believe that if these high CBD oils contained a bit more THC that they may indeed, prevent these seizures from occurring completely, but as time goes by I expect that this will be proven. Many individuals still seem to be afraid to use oils which contain high levels of THC, because it appears that they feel if the patient were to become somewhat high during their treatment that it could harm them in some way. In my opinion getting what they call high, has never really harmed anyone and I firmly believe that if the high is removed from this medication that it will also reduce the healing effects, commonly associated with its use. I am also troubled, by the extravagant prices that some suppliers are charging for these high CBD oils and I feel that far too often, the public is simply being robbed of their hard earned money. Strains of cannabis which can produce oils with high CBD contents are essentially legal to grow in many areas, because they lack the psychoactive component THC, so why are these suppliers now charging so much for their products? I’ve been told by experts in this field that many medicinal strains of the cannabis hemp plant, contain well over 100 different cannabinoids and as yet to the best of my knowledge, many of them have not even been identified. So I feel that we still have a great deal to learn about this medical wonder of nature and all the different benefits, it can have on our health and well being.  But as yet there are still many restrictions, which were put in place by our governments that are preventing us from doing so. In the near future I hope to see these restrictions abolished completely, which are preventing us from doing further research in the proper way.  But this will only happen, once we can rid ourselves of all the corruption that still stands in our path, regarding the free growing and medicinal use of this plant.



Often I am contacted by people who want to know my opinion about other extraction methods, which involve the use of expensive complicated equipment, but since I do not have any experience using these methods, I really do not feel qualified to answer such questions.  If anyone truly feels the need to know more about these other more complicated methods, then I feel that they should contact individuals, who use these different processes to perform their extractions.

The simple method to produce these extracts which I showed the public, was designed to produce this medicinal oil in a very pure state, using equipment that can often be found in many homes. Due to the fact that I was usually dealing with patients who had serious medical disorders, I needed to provide them with the most medicinally active and purest oils possible.  Extracts produced in this manner proved to be very effective in the treatment of a vast array of medical difficulties, so due to its simplicity this is the method that I decided to show the public. In my opinion, doing extractions with olive oil and other substances such as butter, may produce a substance that could work quite well to treat less serious external medical problems such as skin conditions.  But when it comes to treating serious internal conditions, I would prefer that patients ingest the oil in its purest form. When you perform an olive oil extraction it will remove the medicinal resins from the plant material, but the resins are then mixed with the olive oil and if a patient tries to ingest this substance as a treatment.  They will probably find that they will begin to spend more and more time in the bathroom, due to the effects of the olive oil. The protocol which I developed calls for the patient to ingest 1 gram or 1 ml of high grade oil every 24 hours, once they have built up their tolerance for this medication, which usually takes anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks to accomplish. Now just imagine the dosage which would be required to achieve the same results, if the medicinal resins were mixed with olive oil and think about the effects that ingesting large amounts of olive oil could have on the patient. As I have already stated olive oil extractions may have their uses, but if for some reason I felt the need to mix the medicinal resins with olive oil, I would produce the oil properly first and I would then add whatever amount of olive oil I felt was required. In my opinion olive oil extractions and processes of that nature, produce substances which are much less medicinally active than the pure oil itself, so in most cases I see no need for anyone to produce their medication in this manner.



Some people have reported that they have achieved good results by performing water extractions, to remove the medicinal resins and if this is really true, I would have to agree that this method would indeed be much safer. But many years ago I tried to perform two water extractions myself that proved to be complete failures, when compared with the methods I use, which employ the use of solvents instead of water. When I performed these water extractions, I was only able to obtain about half the amount of resins, which would have been present if I had done the extractions, using solvents to extract the same plant material.  In addition the resulting resin from the water extractions, seemed to have lost some of the attributes which the resins would normally have.  Such as their ability to stick together as the resins normally should, when one applies heat and pressure with their hands to combine them. If you have pure resins available, it usually requires little effort to form the resins into what is commonly referred to as being hashish.  But when I tried to do the same with resins obtained from water extractions, no matter how hard I tried the resins refused to stick together. I am not as yet sure how this would affect the medicinal qualities of these resins, but in my opinion if the resins refuse to combine with each other, then I think that there is something lacking and this could very well have an effect on their medical qualities. As I have already stated I have only tried to perform water extractions twice and since at that time, there was not much information available on this subject to go by, perhaps I did not perform the extractions properly.

With the poor results I achieved, I saw no reason to continue trying to use this process, but today using more up to date information, one may indeed be able to have much better results. Other than this there is nothing more which I can tell you in regards to performing water extractions, but if better methods can truly make water extractions viable, then I think that it would be something worth looking into.



Some people tend to believe that it is a good idea to break the bud material up into tiny pieces, by putting it through an electric blender or some such device to perform the task. Many years ago when I first started producing the oil I tried this method myself, but I found that often by doing this that one can lose some of the medicinally active cannabinoids. When the blender is breaking the dry bud up into tiny particles, the medicinal resins can take on the form of a very fine powder and most blenders or devices of this nature, will allow some of this fine powder to escape. Therefore to produce the oil and to prevent this from happening, I prefer to use the buds in their natural state to perform extractions, rather than having the buds ground up into tiny particles. In addition when I performed extractions using powdered buds, the resulting oils did not seem to have as much medicinal potency, when compared to oils which were manufactured from bud material that had not been ground up. While it is true that quite often one may be able to obtain what they perceive as being more oil, by grinding the buds up in a blender before extracting the oil.  The extra amount of oil they obtain will probably prove to be just unwanted plant material, which has little or no medicinal value at all.  You have to remember that when producing oils for medical use, it’s the medicinal qualities of the resulting oil that matters, not the quantity. It is really up to the person who is producing the oil as to what method they will chose to use, but in my opinion if you wish to obtain oils which have the highest medicinal qualities possible, then I would not tamper with the bud material in any way.



I have stated that the method I use destroys the natural terpenes and flavonoids, which many seem to feel the oil should contain. Since it is true that my methods do eliminate most of the natural terpenes and flavonoids, I feel that this is necessary because if the terpenes and other substances are not removed, their presence often tends to give the resulting oil a very bad taste. Due to the fact that the finished oils which I produced contained little or no natural terpenes or flavonoids and patients have had such wonderful results with their use, it appears to me that the medicinal qualities of these terpenes and flavonoids might be somewhat over rated.



There are those who seem to believe that juicing the bud material and ingesting what results, could in some way produce better medicinal qualities than even the oil which I have showed the public how to manufacture, but I strongly disagree. The cannabis plant draws up toxins from the ground or growing medium, which it is planted in and in most cases it is very hard to grow or to purchase good bud material, which does not contain at least some mold or mildew, which I feel that no one should ingest. In addition there is no heat involved with juicing, therefore there is no decarboxylation taking place, so how could juicing the bud material provide a more medicinal substance, than the oil which I showed the public how to manufacture? When one produces the oil following my instructions, any danger present in the plant material due to mold or other toxins is eliminated.  You should also keep in mind the fact that often tiny insects can be found in even the best bud material.  But the process that I use also eliminates this problem and of course the resulting oil has been decarboxylated properly. So unless someone out there, can disprove what I am saying and back their statements up with proof to that effect. Then I think it’s best to pay little attention to these people, who tend to think of themselves as being experts and instead produce the oil following my methods.

from Rick Simpson 

It usually takes the average person about 90 days to ingest the full 60 gram or 60 ml oil treatment. I suggest that people start with three doses per day, about the size of a half a grain of short grained dry rice. The patient should take this dosage every 8 hours, early in the morning, then again in the afternoon and then they should take their final dose of the day, about an hour before bedtime. It should also be noted that as a patient begins to ingest this oil, the patient does not normally feel the oils effects until about an hour after they have taken their dosage, so please be aware of this fact. A beginner’s dose such as I am describing would equal about ¼ of a drop.

After four days at this dosage which should be taken three times a day, most people are then able to increase their doses by doubling the amount of their dosage every four days. By following this simple procedure, many patients have reported that they felt that they had not experienced the high, which this oil can cause. But in truth no two of us are the same and we all have different tolerances, so some will be able to up their dosages more quickly than others. In reality, even if one does become what is commonly referred to as being high this will not harm them in any way, if the oil they are ingesting was produced from the sedative strains of Indica, which I recommend and the resulting oil was produced in the proper way.

It takes the average person anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks to get to the point where they can ingest 1 gram or 1 ml per day. Once they reach this dosage they can continue at this rate until their medical issues are brought under control. This means that after the patient has become accustomed to the oils use, each dose they are ingesting will equal 8 to 9 drops every 8 hours and in many cases, I have seen patients that have had no trouble ingesting even far more. It takes a dosage roughly the size of two grains of short grained dry rice to equal one drop, so once the patient has become accustomed to the oils use they are actually ingesting doses which equal 16 to 18 grains of rice per dose.

In some cases I have even seen patients who had no fear of this medication, ingest the full 60 gram treatment in one month and after doing so, many of them were declared to be cancer free.
By using the method which I am describing, it allows your body time to build up a tolerance for this medication slowly and once the patient becomes accustomed to the oils effects, most patients actually report that they enjoy taking it.

We all have different tolerances for any medication and your size or body weight has little to do with your tolerance for hemp oil and even children can take the same dosage as adults, with no detrimental effects.



We are not medical doctors, so for any questions regarding the use of RSO alongside various pharmaceuticals please consult a medical doctor who supports the use of medical cannabis and who has experience with it.

Be aware when commencing treatment with hemp oil that it will lower your blood pressure, so if you are currently taking blood pressure medication, it is very likely that you will no longer require its use. Often patient’s will try to continue using their blood pressure medication, but if it is taken along with the oil their combined effect, can bring the patient’s blood pressure down to uncomfortable levels.  It’s a good idea for those beginning treatment with the oil, to check their blood pressure often and then reduce their intake of other blood pressure medications as their blood pressure levels reduce. In the event that a patient is already suffering with low blood pressure, I have had reports from people who have this condition and they stated that simply drinking some water when they began to feel uncomfortable did help to some degree. Those who have low blood pressure, may in some cases find it necessary to ingest even smaller doses of this medication and to increase their dosages accordingly. But since this medication really does not present a danger, I think that their bodies will adjust to the oils effects in a short time, after which they should experience little or no difficulty with its use. Diabetics should also be aware that they will usually find that their need for insulin will be reduced and it may even decrease to the point, where they will no longer require its use at all and the same goes for most other pharmaceuticals as well. Diabetics are diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes and no matter what type you suffer from, it is still beneficial to use this oil because not only will it decrease your need for insulin, it will also protect your body from all the other harm this disease can cause. Also, please be aware that when the patient takes RSO ( Rick Simpsons Oil ) many people find if they are using any pharmaceuticals such as steroids / painkillers / morphine it makes horrible side effects when mixed, so many people reduce their medications by half on day one – then reduce and stop the medications over 7 to 14 days – mixing the medications with the oil can produce undesirable side effects – the symptoms / side effects of the medications can be exacerbated. The main conditions / medications we warn about are the heart, blood pressure and diabetes and to closely monitor the levels over 3 months or so.



Many people today are suggesting that patients should be placing the dosage they are ingesting under their tongue, or they should be sticking their dosage to their gums, which is now known as tacking. Although methods such as this can get the medicinal cannabinoids into the patient’s body, I really do not agree with these methods because oils can often have a bad taste that can linger in the mouth for quite some time. I feel that by simply placing the dosage in the patient’s mouth, would have benefits for those who have gum infections and problems of this nature, but in most cases I believe that their dosage should just be swallowed. The proper oil is a thick grease like substance, so when I ingest my dosage I simply put it on my finger and then place it on my teeth, after which I drink cold water and then use my tongue to remove it from my teeth and then I swallow. By using this method, I can usually take my dosages without hardly tasting the oil at all and I think that most patients would prefer to do the same, but there are also other simple methods which can be used to avoid the bad taste.

The patient’s dosage can be placed on a small piece of bread and the bread can then be folded over to cover the dosage and then it can be placed in the patient’s mouth and swallowed much like a pill with water. Another good method to avoid the taste, is to place the dosage between two thin slices of fruit such as bananas and then place it in the patient’s mouth so it can be swallowed as well. If the oil is produced properly, often it really does not have an unpleasant taste that will linger, but the simple methods I have described should help patients ingest their dosages more easily. The name of the game, is to simply get the oil into the patient’s body in the easiest and most pleasant way possible, so I think following the methods I have described should be given serious consideration.



For quite some time now, many people have been showing an interest in using this medication in suppository form, because they think that by doing so they can avoid becoming high and for some, this might be somewhat true. I have used this oil in suppository form myself, but when I took quite a large dose in this manner I cannot say that I did not feel its effects. I actually think that in some cases using suppositories is a very good idea, since I believe the oil should be placed as close as possible, to the medical problem which is being treated.

Therefore, for someone who is suffering with something such as prostate or bowel cancer, I believe that it could be more beneficial for their medical problems, to use the oil in this manner.

But still, I have seen many patients with these same medical disorders, heal themselves by simply ingesting their dosages by mouth, so I will leave the method you wish to use up to you.

When the oil is used as a suppository, the medicinal cannabinoids this oil contains go directly into the blood stream by passing the liver.

But for those who are suffering with such things as stomach or liver cancer etc. I believe that it would be more beneficial to ingest the oil by mouth. If you intend to use suppositories to treat your medical problems, then the suppositories should contain the same amount of oil, you would normally ingest by mouth and the dosage should be increased in the same manner.

Suppositories are fairly simple to prepare, but one should be careful about how much oil they contain, so in the beginning it may take some effort on your part to get the dosage right. Usually drug stores will supply suppository molds and all you have to do, is use a substance such as shay butter and then apply heat until it becomes a liquid, at which point you can add the oil and then fill the molds. It’s a good idea to put the molds after being filled in a refrigerator, to allow the substance they now contain to harden up and after doing so, the suppositories are then ready for use. In addition, drug stores can usually supply empty gel caps and the patient’s dosage can be put into the gel caps and then used as a suppository or can be taken by mouth, the gel cap will then disintegrate leaving the oil where you need it to be placed.

As I stated I do think that suppositories do have their uses, but I find this method to be quite time consuming and one must be careful about the amount of oil being added, so I still prefer to take my doses by mouth.

It should also be mentioned that this oil has many anti-aging qualities and it can also rejuvenate vital organs. So don’t be surprised if the patient who is using it, begins to look a bit younger and any other problems they were having with their kidneys or other vital organs could simply disappear as well.

When people are ingesting the oil, I like to see them stay within their comfort zone, but the truth is, the faster you take the oil the better your chance of surviving, if you are suffering from a serious condition such as cancer.



At the end of their treatment most people continue taking the oil, but at a much reduced rate. About 1 to 2 grams a month would be a good maintenance dose, just a drop or two at night before bedtime is all that is generally required to maintain good health. Often I am asked if this oil must be taken with food, but from my experience it seems to make little difference, so I will leave that for the patient themselves to decide. I feel that there is little need in most cases for anyone to overdose on the oil, unless they actually have a life threatening condition such as stage 4 cancer, which is putting their life in danger and they wish to bring this disease under control more quickly. Even in cases like this, it is usually not necessary to take overdoses but if one chooses to, then I really have no problem with them taking the oil in excess. Since in reality, unlike many pharmaceutical medications which our medical systems supply, an overdose of hemp oil really does not do any harm and cannot bring about your death.

The main side effect of this medication is sleep and rest, which plays a very important role in the healing process. Usually, within an hour or so after taking a dose, the oil is telling you to lay down and relax. Don’t try to fight the oils sleepy effects, just lay down and get comfortable, then allow the oil to give you the rest and relaxation you require to heal properly. The effects of the oil may cause your mind to wander a bit and often patients will be somewhat unsteady on their feet when they begin to use this medication. But as the patient builds up their tolerance, these effects will diminish quickly. Usually within 3 to 4 weeks, the daytime tiredness associated with this treatment after the patient takes their dosage just fades away, but the patient continues to sleep very well at night.

I also suggest that patients should not try to drive their cars, until they become more accustomed to the oils effects, after which they are then able to drive safely once more. Once you become used to the oils effects it does not impair your ability to drive in any way, because unlike alcohol and many pharmaceuticals, this oil does not impair your motor skills.



The only time I would recommend that people start out with larger doses, would be if their life was really in danger or to get them off addictive and dangerous pain medications, supplied by the medical system.

When patients begin the oil treatment and they have been using these addictive medications to alleviate the pain, they usually cut their pain medications in half and they will also probably find that they no longer require the use of most other pharmaceutical drugs as well. Many dangerous pain medications like hydro morphine are very addictive in nature and patients, will have a hard time ceasing their use due to the withdrawal symptoms they will suffer, because they have become badly addicted to these substances. The oil will allow patients who are ingesting it, to suffer much less withdrawal symptoms from the medications they were using and it can usually replace the use of these dangerous medications in 2 to 3 weeks and often even less time is required. The object is to ingest enough oil to reduce the pain and to help the patient, get off these dangerous medications as quickly as possible.

For the most part, pharmaceuticals are little more than toxins anyway and once the patient begins ingesting the oil, often the presence of these toxic drugs can begin to give them stomach problems. This is caused because the oil recognizes these chemicals and poisons for what they really are and the oil wants to expel them from the patient’s body. Once the patient stops ingesting these so- called drugs, their stomach problems will then just disappear and in most cases they will find that the only medication they really require is the oil. For those who are suffering from terminal cancer, the oil will either cure their cancer or in cases where it is too late to affect a cure, the oil will allow them to experience little or no pain and at least then they can die with dignity. Even if a patient has been given only a short time to live by the doctors, do not think of their situation as being hopeless, for very often the oil is still able to bring them back to a state of good health.

If the cancer cannot be reversed with the use of this oil, it is not unusual for the patient to live on for many month’s longer than expected and during that extra time the oil gives them, they often can experience a very good quality of life.



Hemp oil has a very high success rate in the treatment of all forms of cancer and now there is no shortage of testimonials available on the internet, from individuals who have used this oil successfully to do just that. But unfortunately, many people who came to me seeking help, had already been badly damaged from the chemotherapy and radiation treatments the medical system supplied. The damage such treatments can cause have a lasting effect and people who have suffered the effects of such treatments are the hardest to cure. But even those who have suffered all this horrible damage to their bodies, still have a good chance to make a full recovery, if they follow my instructions. When those who have been damaged from these so-called treatments ask for my advice, I tell them to ingest 180 grams or 180 ml’s of high quality oil, as quickly as they can and this will give them the best chance to survive.

The extra 120 grams or 120 ml’s that I advise them to ingest, is needed to undo all the damage that these horrible treatments have left behind in the patient’s body. Once the patient has become accustomed to the oils use, they should not encounter any problems ingesting 180 grams or 180 ml’s in 5 to 6 months and often they can even accomplish this much more quickly.

Medicine today is much more about money than it is about healing and this statement can be proved, by simply looking at the insane treatments that doctors tend to employ, in the treatment of serious conditions such as cancer. Both chemotherapy and radiation are well known to cause cancer, so in reality doctors are giving patients who are suffering from cancer, treatments which will cause the very disease they say they are trying to cure and often these horrible treatments, will help to spread the cancer to other parts of the patient’s body. It is true that these treatments can kill cancer cells, but while they are doing so they often kill the patient as well. Even if they do not kill the patient immediately, the effects from these treatments can allow the cancer to spread and in the end, this often brings about the patients demise.

Usually when these absurd treatments have failed the patient is said to have stage 4 cancer and at that point doctors tell the patient that there is nothing more that they can do to help and the patient is then sent home to die. But the doctors are usually happy to supply them, with vast amounts of dangerous and addictive pain killers until their death takes place. Because I expect that doctors only look at this, as being good for business. If all this does not sound like insanity to you, then what else could it be called and why do doctors employ the use of such things as CT and PET scans etc., when the radiation the patient is exposed to from these scans, can cause cancer as well?

In addition, from what I have learned it seems that most oncologists will not expose their bodies to the same treatments which they supply to us, if they were suffering from cancer themselves. So why do you suppose they would refuse these treatments themselves, when they seem to feel so free in providing the same treatments to us? Do you think that it could possibly have something to do with money and the fact that they already know the treatments they have been using do not work? It appears that our trusted doctors still have a great deal to learn about the art of healing, so if you are suffering from a serious condition such as cancer. I think that it would only be wise to put your faith in a natural medication, which has already been proven to work effectively and harmlessly.

If it sounds as though I have no faith in our current medical systems, to treat most serious conditions properly that would be quite correct and I don’t believe that anyone who is thinking rationally, could disagree with the statements I have made.

Properly produced hemp medicine is the greatest natural healer on this planet bar none. Once you experience what this medication can do, you will come to understand why both history and I call hemp medicine a cure all.


If you can acquire a small quantity of properly produced oil, it will definitely work to treat skin cancer effectively and usually it only takes a few grams of this oil to accomplish the task. Grow or purchase some good high quality bud from sleepy sedative strains of Indica, which have a THC content of 20% or more. Then take about 30 grams of this bud and produce the oil from it, following my instructions which I have made available on my website

It should also be mentioned that in the treatment of skin cancer, oils produced from Sativa strains can be used effectively as well, since when applied topically the patient does not experience its energizing effects.

This amount of starting material should produce 4 to 5 grams of high grade oil. Apply the oil to the skin cancer and cover it with a bandage, apply fresh oil and a new bandage every 3 or 4 days and the cancer should soon disappear. I always tell people to continue treatment until the cancer is gone, then they should continue to treat the area for about two more weeks just as if the cancer was still there, for this will eliminate any cancer cells which could still remain Doing this will ensure that all the cancer cells are dead and I have never seen a skin cancer return if my instructions are followed. If you’ve had skin cancer for quite some time and the cancer is well established, it may take some time to cure.

But usually even in quite severe cases the cancer will disappear in less than three weeks. In an extreme case it may take longer but if so, then just keep up the treatment until it is gone. Many people can cure their skin cancer in no time, but it all depends on your own rate of healing and how deeply embedded the cancer has become. One should also remember that I am not just talking about cancer here, apply this oil to a third degree burn and watch what happens, the burn heals painlessly in a very short time and leaves no scars. When one considers all the suffering that patients in burn units are put through, why is this simple herbal medication not available to burn victims? This is only the tip of the iceberg folks, for the simple truth is, if you have properly produced oils from the cannabis plant at your disposal, you will probably find that it is the most effective medication to treat any medical condition you can name. I do not call properly produced oils from different varieties of this plant, a cure all for no good reason and once the truth about its true healing powers become better known, I’m sure that everything I am now telling you will become common knowledge.



In my opinion, there is no better medicine to give to an animal. I treated my own dog with wonderful results.

It is a known fact that dogs have a much faster metabolism then humans. In many cases dogs heals so rapidly, that you can almost see it happening.

If you have the proper oil, I do not know of any treatment that is more effective to treat cancer in dogs or humans and usually dogs can be cured of this dreaded disease in a very short time.  Usually dogs only require a few grams of this oil to rid themselves of cancer, so if I were you I would get the dog on the oil as soon as possible.

When treating dogs internally with the oil there is very little to be concerned about, for if the oil was produced from strong medicinal strains of Indica they have a very sedative effect and even if you gave a dog far too much it would simply go to sleep, but once the dog awakened you will find that it has not been harmed.

The oil cannot cause harm to the dog even if you were to give the dog far too much,  if you have the proper oil all it would do is cause the dog to sleep and when it awakens it will be unharmed.  If I were you I would start the treatment with two drops a day, once in the morning and once in the evening and then slightly increase the amount the dog is taking every four days until the dog is cured. As for treating the dog externally, all you have to do is apply the oil and cover it with a bandage and then apply more oil every three days, I hope this will answer your questions about treating this dog properly.

Dogs love to take the oil, but often cats can be somewhat indifferent so you may encounter some problems in getting the oil into the cat, so I would just try to mix a small amount of oil in with their food.  Animals heal very quickly when compared to humans and since the oil presents no danger, there is no need to worry about the oil harming your cat, even if you were to give the animal far too much.  I would start the cat off by giving it two doses a day twelve hours apart and I would give the cat about a half a drop per dose, then after four days at this dosage it can be raised to one drop per dose.  I think you will find that your cat will respond very quickly to this treatment and don’t be concerned if the animal sleeps a great deal, for this is the effect the oil is supposed to cause.  It usually takes only a small amount of oil to heal a cat and once the animal has ingested one or two grams, I think you will witness quite a dramatic improvement in the animals overall health.


When patients used to come to me for oil to treat their cancer, the first thing I told them to do is change their diets. Try to stay away from animal protein as much as possible, since animal protein can promote cancer cell growth. Get a juicing machine and start eating as many raw fruits and vegetables as possible, because plant protein fights the growth of cancer. Stop using sugar and replace its use with natural sweeteners like raw honey.

Get the patient’s PH up as quickly as possible, cancer likes an acidic environment and when you raise the body’s PH, it makes it very hard for cancer cells to survive, or to spread to other areas of the body. There are many simple things that will aid a patient in getting their PH up. I have found that lemon juice, watermelon and even baking soda, when mixed with water can raise a patients PH quite rapidly.

Also start eating the seeds from two or three apples every day, this will give you a good daily dose of B17 also known as laetrile. B17 in its own right has a pretty good track record in the treatment of cancer and there are other natural things, such as wheat grass that you may find of benefit as well.

Many people who have used the oil to treat their cancers did not change a thing, but the oil still worked its magic and they were healed. But if you have a serious condition like cancer I think that it’s a good idea to take other natural things that may help the oil eradicate the cancer as well and give you a better chance to survive. But the most important thing of all is, people have to realize that for the most part, what the medical system provides does much more harm than good. That is the reason I tell people who contact me, if they want to survive its best to stay as far away from the medical system as possible. That is the sad state of affairs, the medical system we have today is in and it will not change until people who work within this system, finally come to realize that chemicals and poisons do not heal.

As far as I’m concerned what most doctor’s today practice is madness and not medicine and I think that it is high time that they all wised up and begin to practice their profession properly. The practice of medicine is based upon the Hippocratic Oath, which doctors swear and are supposed to follow and this oath openly states, FIRST DO NO HARM and as a doctor I SHALL NOT ADMINISTER POISON. So just exactly what, do most doctors of today think that they are doing and why are so many of them refusing to follow their own sacred oath? I think the answer to this has become quite clear to many of us and if those who practice medicine, will not follow their own sacred oath, then they actually have no right to even call themselves doctors.


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